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Sugar, spice, and everything nice.
This blog contains obscene amount of hockey. The Hawks make me especially weak in the knees. I don't discriminate, though.
Other things you might encounter include poetry, fashion, art, food, various fandoms at random times, and semi-naked people.
I share a profound bond with cats. My fascination with the sea is pretty evident, too.
I try to tag everything as much as I can. If I forget, or you need something tagged, let me know.
Спонсор моей бессонницы - хуйня в голове. Хуйня в голове - всегда со мной.

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imagine how radical being a pet fish is like youre just swimming around and suddenly it starts raining food


You think you've suffered? You think you know b l o o d? 
You think you've walked on corpses?
Spread them from here to the horizon,
and I have walked further!

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Toews knows what to do with that big fat butt.

7/23/14: Kane & Toews on new contracts [X]

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What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database

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What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database

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Eddie Lack - @eddielack [insp]

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Tips for being an adult:

  • there are none
  • don’t become an adult
  • stay a child forever
  • Peter Pan was right

chicago blackhawks - inspired from x

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